10 Gorgeous Ways to Organize and Display Your Beauty Products

May 16, 2019

Lotions, potions, lip glosses, nail polishes—all of these beautifying treasures have a funny way of going from shop to bathroom counter in the blink of an eye. It’s a safe bet that if you’re like most beauty enthusiasts, your counter is a war zone for war paint. And if they’re not collected in (not-so-neat) piles strewn around your bathroom, your products are likely taking up residence in your drawers, filled to the brim and making it nearly impossible to close them. Or they’re hiding in a makeup bag. With all of the delightful, even artful, packaging for products out there these days, it’s a tragedy that they’re not displayed proudly out in the open in a way that’s not only organized but also pleasing to the eye.

Keeping your counter free of clutter can lead to a cleaner bathroom. Being organized makes it easier to keep track of all of those little beauty goodies that you’ve no doubt researched and spent money on. There are stylish ways to organize nearly everything in your bathroom, and beauty products are no exception. Yes, a neat and tidy makeup bag is a quintessential place to stash your finds. But then you’ll miss out on the opportunity to be creative, to weave your products into the decor of your space.

There are plenty of inventive ways to do just that—innovative shelving, jars with special details and found objects. It can be as simple as looking at an item in a fresh way. That antique cake stand gathering dust? It just became a pretty spot to present your loveliest products. An acrylic lipstick organizer? It certainly serves its intent in that respect, but what if it were a place to store your essential oil bottles? Vases, small baskets, trays—nearly anything can work as a think-outside-the-box beauty organizer.

Bloggers, Instagrammers, and Etsy sellers have discovered some particularly genius methods to display beauty products. Here are some of our favorite ways to present your products.

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Painted Vintage Jars
Gold painted mason jars
SundayBowtique / Etsy
Mason jars have lots of practical functions. They’ve been used for canning for decades, of course, but who knew that they could also be terrariums, or even cupcake holders and marquee light bulbs? It turns out that they’re also ideal containers for your beauty supplies, like brushes and lipsticks. Here, the jars are painted in a chic shade of bronzey-gold. You can make your own mark on vintage jars by painting on patterns or spray-painting them in your favorite hue.

Painted Mason Jars, $29.95, LargoJars via Etsy

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A Branch-Turned-Organizer
white birch makeup organizer
urbanplusforest / Etsy
This holder goes into the categories of stunningly-simple and, “Why didn’t we think of that?” This Etsy seller has crafted an organizer from a branch of a Maine white birch tree. Drilled holes are just-right spots for makeup brushes and tubes of lip gloss, displayed at asymmetrical angles for an added touch of visual interest. Many things can be manipulated to do the same, like a thick piece of reclaimed barn wood.

White Birch Wood Makeup Organizer, $22, TheBirdOnTheTree via Etsy

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A Framed Shelf
shelves in a picture frame
This British company was really onto something when they crafted their trademark shelves surrounded by vintage-inspired frames. The ornateness of the frame sets an elegant tone for displaying beauty products, and the metallic finish makes it decidedly modern. Although you can emulate this look by tracking down a vintage frame of your own and supplying it with shelving, this company ships to the U.S. across the pond.

Makeup Organizer, $231.22, Chicybee

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A Feminine Tray
white tray with makeup brushes, perfume, a necklace, and flower
It doesn’t get much more timeless than a vanity tray. They’ve seemingly been used forever by stylish women, gracing dressers and boudoirs alike. They can even be made from an old photo frame. But we especially love this tray for its option to be monogrammed—how chic! And although this tray doesn’t have the traditional mirrored surface, at least you won’t have to Windex this one every other day.

Monogrammed Vanity Tray, $40.20, HighlandDesignCo via Etsy

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A Magnetic Board
Magnetic board hanging on wall
IronandDesign / Etsy
What will they think of next? This magnetic board keeps your products in plain sight for convenient access. Bonus? The background pattern looks like old-fashioned paper with typewritten words. Magnetic objects easily adhere, and for those non-magnetic items, you can attach small magnets. You also have the option to recreate this board, thanks to magnetic paint and a bit of ingenuity.

Typewriter Design Framed Magnet Board, $36, IronandDesign via Etsy

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See-Through Storage
Clear makeup organizer
@yenniy / Instagram
Acrylic makeup organizers are having a moment (The Container Store has some great ones). Frequently appearing on blogs and Instagram feeds, they’re clean, classic, and allow you to see those dazzling products instead of putting them away. And you’ll be able to see everything you have instead of fumbling through piles or to the bottom of a makeup bag.

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