It rained on Tuesday, the 05 June morning as Sri Lanka heralded the dawn of World Environment Day. Showers of Blessing, one might say as the Alliance Finance team assembled across the island to mark this important International day set apart to bring home the significance of this all-encompassing among the Nations of the World.

In Sri Lanka, Alliance Finance (AFC) took the lead with their unique Thuru Mithuru program at just past 10 am on that rainy Tuesday morning, when AFC teams spread across 25 districts in 991 schools with 371,000 children to plant 176,518 trees that would absorb 3,843 metric tons of carbon dioxide per anum. It was a Pledge Across Generations across the nation in a fervent salute to Mother Nature!

In Colombo, one such school that hosted the AFC ThuruMithuru Program was the Kotahena Central College, situated slap bang in the industrial district, known for its hardware trade. Headed by the School Principal, Mohan Weerasinghe, more than 100 students from the senior and junior forms took part in a mass Tree Planting exercise within the school compound,assisted by a band of enthusiastic teachers and a dedicated AFC team led by the Deputy Chairman & Managing Director Romani De Silva himself. Joining the mass of school children busy planting, he was heard to remark, “Our company is extremely satisfied by the spontaneous enthusiasm shown by the entire school in this volunteer effort. Right now, our teams across the island are doing the same in many other locations. I could not ask for more”.

Following the tree planting, the School Principal made an impassioned plea for environmental conservation highlighting the dangers of neglect and indifference and extoling the virtue of protecting our planet. He welcomed the AFC team complimenting them for this initiative and stated that he was delighted to partner the company in this noble undertaking. A beautiful program of song and dance to depict natures pristine gift to humankind, presented by school troupes were interspersed by excellent video demonstrations of the Environmental Impact on our planet Earth.

AFC thus fulfilled a Pledge made on the 28 July 2013 to offset the carbon footprint of their motor vehicle leasing customers. Alliance Finance Co. PLC is Sri Lanka’s pioneering triple bottom line financial institution that promotes the creed, People <> Planet <> Profit. Having served for over four generations for 60 years, AFC is now promoting the concept of sustainability across our younger generations by the simultaneous planting of over 150,000 trees in schools across the island. By this initiative, AFC envisages sustaining a Life of Green in our Motherland in the years to come.


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