AsiaNews l 30 October 2018 l Reader Comment – Forwarded as received : Today 20+ Millions of Sri Lankans are witnessing how Democracy is Showcased by the Political Arena in the Island. One person with esteem power in hand throws away all normalcy disrespects the Oath he took that he will never go against the Constitution of Sri Lanka removed a country’s elected Prime Minister like a Stray Dog without a Proven Base, just like how Once a War Winning General Was arrested and remanded. This will be written as the Darkest Era and the Biggest Political Betrayal by the Power Hungry Powerhouse and Marks the Murder of Democracy in Sri Lanka. This is a clear example of How the politicians treat the Voting Right of the Public of Sri Lanka. I am not against anyone being appointed to a position as There’s a Say “There is no Permanent Enemy or Friends on Politics”, but the manner it was done was absolutely uncalled for.

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