Lochini Senara and Sulakna Hettiarachchi made Steiner College proud with their achievements at the 11th Sri Lanka Schools’ Aquatic Sports Novice Championships (ASNC) held from 15th to 17th February 2018. Lochini was placed first in the 50 m Free Style, Butterfly and Back stroke swimming events for under 17 Girls category. Sulakna had stood fourth at the 50m Backstroke under 19 Girls category.

Lochini’s biggest motivation was to beat her own records held at the ASNC event last year. She trained extremely hard to change her own performance level from rank twenty securing the first place in this year’s ASNC various events. Lochini is also academically a very strong student and Steiner College has been extremely supportive towards her in maintaining the balance between studies and sporting requirements.

Steiner College located in Battramulla is an international school providing IGCSE and A Level Edexcel Curriculums. It is a school run by dedicated teachers who value importance of good education and believe in providing the very best teaching learning experiences for their students. The Chairman of Steiner College Dr. Lakmal Prabhash Ranasinghe and the Principal Dr. Juri Roy Burman are very well-known and experienced teachers who have consistently strived hard to bring out the very best from their students. Steiner College’s vision is to inspire every child to learn and students like Lochini Senara are proud assets for the school.

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