Climbing Mount Everest is an accomplishment that bestows a rare distinction – not only on the climber, but also the country he hails from. The legendary mountain lures climbers of various nationalities to explore it and affords some of the most testing physical challenges on this earth. Eager to make his country proud, a brave son of Sri Lanka, Johann Peries is gearing up for his second attempt to scale Mount Everest. This time round, every Sri Lankan can ‘Climb Everest with Johann’. Yes, every Sri Lankan can sponsor each step that Johann takes on the mountain for Rs.100 and be a part of this exhilarating climb to the summit. An Everest expedition requires a large financial commitment and every step sponsored by you will go towards financing the expedition and covering all the associated costs. The total cost of the expedition amounts to USD58600 and is to be attempted in April 2018. Having been in training since December 2016, Johann is technically equipped to undertake this expedition. He dedicates this expedition to all Sri Lankans and everyone will get an opportunity to be part of the climb by sponsoring each step of the challenging climb.

He is no stranger to this act of courage. Johann Peries and Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala were the first Sri Lankans to attempt to summit the peak of 8,848m above sea level in April 2016. Although Jayanthi became the first Sri Lankan to scale the summit of Mt Everest, Johann managed to reach a height of 8,400m, a mere 448m short of reaching the summit, before technical difficulties forced him to descend.

Johann Peries and Hon. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

Johann will be part of a larger team led by International Mountain Guides (IMG), a globally renowned mountaineering company, with experience in leading several successful Mt. Everest expeditions. The expedition fees include IMG’s logistical support, Sherpa and guide support, all climbing permits, expedition food and accommodation, porterage, communications, oxygen, insurance and helicopter rescue, as well as regular access to the IMG medical clinic at Everest Base Camp.

Being a dedicated outdoor adventurer and mountaineer, Johann leads an active lifestyle, with regular fitness training. Focusing on the upcoming expedition, additional special training includes training sessions that including cardio, high intensity cardio, strength training, swimming and yoga; high-altitude fitness training including jogging, running and climbing in Nuwara Eliya to get accustomed to a higher altitude; long-distance swimming; special high-altitude training in Ladakh in January 2018 and rock-climbing.

Johann has an impressive track record in mountain climbing apart from his first attempt at Mount Everest in April-June 2016 where he reached a height of 8,400m, a mere 448m short of the Everest peak, before being forced to give up the climb due to technical difficulties. Before that, Johann was part of a four-member Sri Lankan team to successfully summit the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Their expedition was via the Lemosho Route, which is the longest route to the summit, thereby allowing the team maximum time for acclimatization and thus a safe summit attempt.

Johann was one of the only two from a five-member team of climbers to successfully summit Island Peak in Nepal, in 2012. Due to the climb’s technically challenging nature, Island Peak is considered by many to be one of the training peaks to be summited in preparation for expeditions to the summit of Mt. Everest.

Hon. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

An artist inspired by nature, Johann is a hair-designer by profession and adventurer by choice. His passion for the great outdoors and his creative soul has struck a perfect balance and is evident in his work, life and interests. Johann began his hair-designing career 25 years ago. Taking his innate flair in the beauty and fashion culture a step further, he re-established the local industry to meet international standards by introducing new concepts in bridal-designs and attire, conceptualizing and make-up. Today he is one of the most sought after hair and beauty designers, and amongst the few Sri Lankans in the industry to be globally acclaimed. Presently Johann  runs seven salons, four in Sri Lanka, two in Melbourne and one in the United Kingdom.

His career as an artist began long before his venture in to the fashion industry; initially as a professional singer with Mary Anne Singers spanning over 20 years, as an actor in the local English theatre, and as a professional dancer competing and performing at local and international levels. Johann’s interest in exploring the great outdoors was impressed upon him at a very young age by his father, when the duo regularly explored the Knuckles Mountain range in Sri Lanka. This passion drives him to conquer mountains both in Sri Lanka and around the globe.

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