Affirms commitment to Sri Lanka; The Coca-Cola Company and its partners to contribute USD 50 MN by 2023

The President and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, James Quincey, met with the Honorable Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, in his maiden visit to the country. Affirming the company’s commitment to Sri Lanka, The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner, committed to contribute USD 50 MN+ into the ecosystem of the country over the next 5 years.

Mr. Quincey’s visit to Sri Lanka, within his very first year of taking office reflects the company’s continued commitment to the country. It also follows the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola in January 2018 that caught the imagination of the youth and footballing community of our country.

Coca-Cola is one of the leading consumer brands in the world, serving almost all possible beverages ranging from the Classic Coke to Fruit Beverages to Dairy to Tea and Coffee. Coca-Cola has been operating in Sri Lanka since 1961, contributing significantly to Sri Lankan economy.

Globally, The Coca-Cola Company is evolving and adapting to lifestyle trends, while continuing to keep people – and their needs – at the heart of the business. The Coca-Cola Company is becoming a company that provides ‘Beverages for Life’. The consumers are changing what they want and Coca-Cola as a company is therefore accelerating leadership in some of the consumer preferred categories. The Company will continue to focus on its consumer centric portfolio and offer greater choice to its consumers. The idea is to have a portfolio of offerings for the consumer to choose from.

In Sri Lanka, responding to consumer demand, the company launched Sugar-Free options for all its sparkling and fruit flavored beverages. While Coke Zero and Sprite Zero were launched in 2017, Fanta Orange, Fanta Portello, Fanta Cream Soda and Lion Ginger Beer, were introduced early this year providing consumers with more choice to enjoy the drinks’ natural flavors and a great, fruity taste without the sugar.

The concept of sustainable development is at the heart of The Coca-Cola Company and the way it does business. The company has continuously been striving to create lasting positive impacts in the communities it proudly serves. In January this year, Coca-Cola announced an initiative called “World Without Waste”. World Without Waste is the Coca-Cola Company’s global goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging by 2030. This goal is the centerpiece of the company’s new packaging vision in Sri Lanka as well. Through this the Coca-Cola system in Sri Lanka intends not only to make packaging 100% recyclable but also collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging and work towards a cleaner and better Sri Lankan environment.

James Quincey was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company on May 1, 2017. Prior to this, he served as the Company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, leading all of the company’s operating units worldwide. He joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1996, and has served in various roles of leadership in Latin America and Europe

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