World Travel Center, a leading travel company in Sri Lanka has introduced another innovative travel product e-marketing platform for travelers from all around the world and one of the specialties in this system is the availability of all travel products to the online user, be it air ticketing, worldwide hotels, worldwide tours, transport etc, and the most important uniqueness in the system is availability of  Seat –in –Coach tours and sports tours . Though Seat-in-coach tours is fairly new concept in Sri Lanka these tours are operated all over the world including countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and they are supposed to be Sri Lanka’s main competitors in the international and nearly 50% of their tours are operated on SIC basis also due to many reasons Sri Lanka has a huge potential to develop the tourism industry by combining with sports.
Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Chairman Kavan Ratnayake addressing the gathering
Pick My Journey will be an essential tool in future to travelers as the concept is most likely the cloud – platform containing private & fixed holiday packages.  Managing Director Mr. Sudharma de Silva has expressed  the system will help to sustain and up growth the tourism industry of Sri Lanka as the concept to make a Sri Lanka a business hub in the tourism industry .  Also he has expressed that “this concept is important  to face the stiff international competition & overcome challenges in the tourism industry and a present some of the international travel agents make their hotel bookings through an online booking engine and make the DMCs in Sri Lanka only a transport supplier and if this trend continues it will not only be a threat to the industry but also will have negative effects on the economy of the country. He further said they have introduced the system to use as a  tool to mitigate the risk of losing existing business and business opportunities.
SLTDA Chairman Kavan Ratnayake launching the website
He also said that “At present  25% to 30% of incoming tourists to Sri Lanka and outgoing tourists from Sri Lanka  make their bookings online and we believe these figures would be  70% online and  30% offline in about 3 years’ time and as such it is important to prepare ourselves to face the future demands” .
Whilst targeting the individual online users, PMJ also focused on agent markets by providing special agent platform, where the agent can tailor made package according to customer need (without DMC touch). Agent will select Attractions, Locations, hotels – hotel promotions, transport, guides & tailor made the package accordingly while traveler waiting in front of the table.
World Travel Centre Colombo (Pvt.) Ltd CEO – Managing Director Sudharma de Silva
As the product from Sri Lanka and own by a Sri Lankan, the product will highly value to Sri Lanka tourism. Also, almost worldwide tours are available on the system and especially fixed departures (seat in coach) tours & sports tours featured on the system, traveler will get a unique experience on If you are a traveler or agent, you can talk to hot line +9476 3 659 659 to get assistance from Pick My Journey.

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