AsiaNews | Tuesday25, September | Colombo | SLRA Press Release |by Claude Gunasekera: Sri Lanka Retailers’ Association (SLRA) is underway to hold its second Retail Forum in October, under the theme “Towards a Dynamic and Evolving Retail Sector”. It is scheduled to be held on 17th and 18th October at Cinnamon Grand Colombo. The SLRA is the sole industry body for this sector, representing nearly 40 leading and national level retail firms, with countrywide reach across various product segments.

A dynamic and evolving retail sector should be a device that Sri Lanka can boast of as contribution to its economic growth, and this will establish the goods and services of local companies as superior products in the global market. The goal in which the forum is held is that Sri Lankan Retailers will learn strategies that will boost their performance, the performance of the industry, and ultimately the performance of the whole nation,” said Charitha Subasinghe, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Sri Lanka Retail Forum 2018.

A media release of the SLRA states that “Sri Lanka is adopting an open strategy to trade, with the recently implemented National Export Strategy, and signing of FTAs, therefore local retailers not only need to gear up for emerging challenges, but they need to take hold of the opportunity of going-to-market. Fresh strategies of increasing competitiveness and opening up to the global market is essential, which is the thought behind this year’s theme. The Forum brings together the frontrunners of both the local and international retail industry, sharing their insights and leading deep-dive discussion on strategies that Sri Lankan retail companies can adopt and further build on, to sharpen their processes from supply chain management to customer services, etc. The discussions will have a synergistic effect – inspecting from various angles the shortcomings of the industry at large, and suggestions of how they can be tackled from individuals who have already achieved success in the industry”.

The media communiqué further states that the forum will focus on 4 thematic sessions: reshaping customer engagement, driving tomorrow’s retail today, new models challenging the status-quo – brands-culture-sustainability, and where retail in the region is heading. These sessions will explore tools such as data analytics, sustainable practice, a tourism – retail nexus, and digitization strategies. E-platforms for retail and how the industry can evolve into the digital ecosystem will also be a key discussion at the forum.

This forum is ideal for those keen on learning new trends and innovations in the retail industry, and it will cover a wide range of challenges and new insights across the 4 thematic sessions that will be held over the two days. Registrations are open until 15th October 2018 and SLRA invites those interested to take part in this event by calling on phone number  115588852 or email

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