AsiaNews l October 31, 2018 l by Ceylon Independent ( l Colombo l                                                          1. Speaker *Karu Jayasuriya* asked *President Sirisena* again to *reconvene* the prorogued *Parliament* following a request by over *125 MPs*. The Parliamentarians urged the Speaker to take *immediate steps* to *safeguard* their *rights* and *privileges* and to establish a majority in Parliament.
2. The *two newly-appointed* government *spokesmen* defended President Sirisena’s *decision* to *unseat* PM Wickremesinghe and appoint *Mahinda Rajapaksa* to the post, calling the move *legitimate* and *constitutional* and quoting alleged *legal opinion* given by the acting *AG* which the Speaker’s office denied hours later.
3. Focusing on the Central Bank *bond scam*, the *SLPP* yesterday pledged to fast-track *legal action* against *responsible parties* and work to recoup *losses*.
4. *Discussions* to *formulate* a new *Appropriation Bill*, to be presented to *Parliament* as part of the *interim-Budget* planned, have already *begun*, a top official of the *UPFA* said.
5. While stating that it will *form* a *new national government*, the *UNF* invited all parties to *join* it. UNF seniors *Rajitha Senaratne*, *Kabir Hashim* and *Patali Champika Ranwaka* who revealed this to the media at Temple Trees said any party interested could join the *new government*.
6. *Legal action* will not be instituted against UNP Leader *Ranil Wickremesinghe* for not vacating *Temple Trees* to date, new Premier’s Secretary *Sirisena Amarasekara* said. The Secretary to PM Mahinda Rajapaksa, however said it was the *duty* of the *former Premier* to *vacate* the premises and *leave* immediately.
7. Former DIG *Nalaka de Silva*, who is in *remand custody* in connection with the alleged plot to *assassinate* several *VIPs*, has been provided with *special protection*, a Prisons Department official said.
8. Commenting on the present *political change*, Hunupitiya Gangarama Temple’s Chief Incumbent the *Ven. Galboda Gnanissara Thera* said if a *majority* of the *people* opposed it they should have *risen against* it but instead the people *slept well* and so did he.
9. *Denmark* has accused *Iran’s* intelligence agencies of planning to *assassinate* an *Iranian activist* on *Danish soil*. The *target* was believed to be a *member* of an *Arab separatist movement*, Denmark’s intelligence service said.
10. UPFA Parliamentarian *Dullas Alahapperuma* yesterday said that the *fuel pricing formula* is likely to be *abolished* under the *present government*.
*Have a hopeful Wednesday*

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